of course, as usual, the hardest part is updating your own work… still fiddling with my 2014 reel… as long as that’s not up, enjoy the short clip we did about how it is working at my studio.

we tried to showcase the studio, for filming and also for photo shoots. just recently i had a shoot for a client that wanted to use my greenscreen studio, the results were amazing thanks to the 4:2:2 10 bit RAW capabilities of the 2.5K blackmagic cinema camera. really.

also, we wanted to highlight the wireless workflow capabilities during a photo shoot: clients can watch the pictures LIVE while i shoot. the 42″ LCD is wirelessly connected to the nikon D4 and on top of that you can preview the pictures also on as many iPads and iPhones as there are at the studio.

if you have any questions regarding workflow and options, hit me with an email via my contact page.