astrid north

she's mind blowing. her voice, the talent, the music, the drums and her winning personality make every concert to something really special. every time i hear her i have goosebumps - and that's a clear sign! she's going to have a new record coming out soon - we were lucky and were allowed to shoot this video in the sophiensaal in berlin mitte which, by coincidence, had a bechstein for her to play on... we just loved the room - and the performance is stellar! thank you astrid & sebastian - so far, we all agree, this is our master piece. we shot with two DSLRS: a canon 5D with a canon 16-35mm f2.8 mounted on a shoulder rig and a nikon D7000 with a nikon 80-200mm f2.8 D lens on a tripod with a manfrotto video head. the sound was recorded with a sennheiser ew-100 G3 wireless lavalier into the ZOOM H4N and rode NTG-2 on the second xlr input. on top of that we had an audio technica AT822 stereo mic on a stand -- we recorded this baby with four tracks. sound was done by alex - thanks to her for the great job! post was done on an avid media composer using magic bullet look suite. more videos on