a seated craft

this is one of our videos that we made in 2011 for our project. martin and i did the camera and alex was the sound woman. postproduction was done in avid media composer using magic bullet to grade the footage. we shot on a nikon D7000 and a canon 5D, the canon using a 24-105mm f4 and the nikon using my old 80-200mm 2.8 (which i have swapped last year to the 70-200mm VRII). sound was recorded using the four tracks of the zoomH4: one sennheiser G3 lav was was attached to alexia, an audio technica 822 recorded stereo and alex was using the rode ntg2 in the boom. the four tracks are mixed into the final audio in - all done in avid. thx to the focusrite scarlet plugins that works extremely well!