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the following is a brief description of what andre offers in his studio in the center of berlin, and of course, you can also book him for jobs around the globe – for booking inquiries please contact me via the contact page.

– a spacious color calibrated hd avid media composer editing suite
– a complete photo studio including flash & continous light setups with different backgrounds
– a wireless photo workflow (42″ LCD displays live pics incl. live review on iPad while shooting!)
– a green screen studio complete with continous light setup
– comfortable and spacious client area for live review during photo and film & photo shoots
– beautiful, large kitchen area, including good coffee & a balcony for smoking customers
– the whole range of post production tools, all apple mac based
– production software ranging from blackmagic davinci resolve to the adobe suite etc.pp.
– almost endless hardware ranging from all the top nikon primes, a nikon D4 … to
– blackmagic cinema camera in beautiful, very gradable 10 bit 4:2:2 video quality & RAW
– metabones speedbooster – turning 1.4f lenses into 0.9f & 1.5 x crop factor on bmcc
– sound solutions ranging from wireless sennheiser EW100 G3 with a great lavalier mic
– rode boom/mic & a zoom H6 6 track 24bit 96khz recording device
– manfrotto tripods, ultra portable steadicam system for the bmcc and the nikon D4
– shoulder rigs, monopods, cages, follow focus systems, incl. carbon fiber components for low weight
– tiny, small and lightweight setups for shooting when space is an issue
– GoPro Hero3 black Edition outdoor camera & rigging systems

studio kitchenandre stoeriko studio – client kitchen area

short bio

born in 1970, after two months in cologne, germany, andre got bored and moved on to live in hong kong for four years to study chinese culture under the british rule. he moved back to germany in 1974 and began to explore his immediate surroundings. andre went to a couple of schools in the cologne area, only to move to long island, new york, in 1985 to study the american way of life.

after almost three years at the cold spring harbor high school on long island, he decided to move back to germany to get his german high school diploma at his boarding school of choice, the CJD oberurff in hessen. since a photo class in 1989 deeply impacted him, andre has been an avid photographer. in 1992 he moved to heidelberg, and started to study social anthropology and teachings at the university of heidelberg. in 1998 he started to work at the zdf (something like the german bbc) as an online editor & a video editor. he continues to work for the zdf as a “multi” – meaning: he will be hired for camera & dp work, mobile video editing, satelite transmissions and all sound related work. as a senior avid video editor andre has been hired extensively for documentaries and magazines like zdf zoom, frontal21, aspekte, kulturzeit, berlindirekt etc.pp. andre has been taken hostage, voluntarily, as part of a journalist training camp, and has succesfully finished the one week training for journalists working in war and crisis zones held by the bundeswehr in hammelburg, germany.

Untitled-1andre stoeriko studio – avid editing suite

since andre has worked for the zdf, he has been asked to cover a wide range of events, like the elections in 2008 & 2012 in the united states, the revolution in egypt in 2011, the humanitarien crisis in dadab at the border of kenya and somalia in 2011, and amongst others, he’s covered the latest developments in the ukraine 2014 in donetsk.

since 1998 andre has been an avid media composer video editor. when the first news show at zdf started using the advantages of non linear editing systems, namely avids, andre had been a pioneering part of that revolution at the zdf.

in 2000 andre moved to berlin to work as a video editor and photographer. in december 2006 he had his first photographic exhibition at the “zurmoebelfabrik” in berlin. to his surprise, he sold most of his pictures on the first night of the showing, not anticipated but very rewarding.

studioandre stoeriko studio – studio

in may 2007 andre moved to new york city and lived in china town, manhattan, for almost three years. amongst planes in the hudson, he covered the 2008 presidential elections for the zdf, followed hillary clinton in the primaries around the us, to finally edit a documentary about obama and mccain at the zdf washington studio. in december 2008 andre had a very succesful photography show “americana” at sunitas in the lower east side in new york city.

besides working as a photographer in new york, andre found out that part of his true passion lies in music: trEas was born. in 2009 andre went on tour with the band trEas. this epic journey took him, and his three band members, through the entire united states and canada: they have travelled over 16,000 miles and they played around 34 gigs in ten weeks. really.

since 2010 andre is back in berlin. in his new studio in mitte a wide range of clients enjoy the relaxed & profesional atmosphere. some of the recent clients have been: o2 telefonica, vccp, max raabe with deutsche grammophon, zdf, 3sat … etc.pp. since 2013 andre is concentrating more and more on his work as a cameraman. he has worked as a dp for a number of clients, his tv-spots for o2 telefonica have had major airplay 2013 on most tv-stations in germany and europe – you can check them out on the “film” page.

editing suite closeandre stoeriko studio – avid editing suite

in general: if you have a good idea, a nice project, need a cameraman/dp/dop that’s fully equipped, are looking for an avid senior editor, or need a photographer for beautiful portraits – get in touch with me. for larger projects, i have a profound circle of freelance professionals that can be added to the team as needed. let’s create something great together!